Top 6 Benefits of Video SEO Marketing To Take Your Business To Greater

Video SEO marketing has proven to be every effective when it comes to reaching target audience and very beneficial to any business. Unlike in the past when people used to think that SEO video marketing was only for the big companies, small business owners now understand the importance of this strategy and can now use short video advertorials to improve their SEO. Video is powerful and it is a great for marketing as it contributes greatly on SEO. Here are several benefits that come with video marketing.

Video marketing is great for SEO

A video can boost SEO rankings on major platforms such as YouTube and Google. 

By simply coming up with a well optimized video that reach your target audience, you are more likely to be visible on search engines. If you come up with a well optimized title as well as the description, Google will be able to know what the video is all about and your site will be shown on their search engine results.

All that a business owner needs to do is to create links from the video to the website and this will lead to higher rankings on the Google search. The higher the video rank the more traffic a video will get. 

2. Valuable content

When it comes to video marketing, the content needs to be informational, engaging and relevant. With a valuable content, viewers are likely to stay on your site longer and that will have an impact on the video as it will be ranked higher 

3. Increased Conversions

Videos increase sales! According to the research, landing pages that comes with a video converts at a rate of about 80% higher, compared to those without a video. About 60% of the viewers are more likely to purchase goods online after watching the video. 50% of the viewers start doing research on the product after watching the video while 65% are more likely to contact the vendor. With this in mind, if you are a medium to small business owner, you need to understand that video SEO marketing is not just a passing trendy trick.

4. Increased brand awareness-helps in social media marketing 

Social media boosts landing, drives engagement, and converts leads. This is why social media is known to be one of the linchpins of any successful marketing campaign. Besides, reaching users on social media is crucial and a video is the best way to go about it. For example, FaceBook fans watch over 8 millions videos in a day with those on FaceBook Live (FaceBook streaming service) watch 3 times

more. Evidently, videos have a great following on FaceBook, 135% higher than the posts and photo posts. The same goes with other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. With a video on social media, you will boost a business’s visibility and reap more from that. 

5. Increased web traffic

Videos that appear on the first page on YouTube and Google are likely to have thousands of potential viewers. Clients are more likely to watch videos located on the first page of compared to a link to a website. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google which is the parent company and with the fact that Google ranks YouTube videos on their search results means that a video will have a greater chance to bring traffic to your website.

6. Video SEO marketing is now measurable

A business owner can now access Google analytics and are great in informing you on how your SEO videos are doing. You do not have to guess. With such a s tool, you will be able determine the videos that are converting leads and this means that you will be able to move your marketing strategy to the right direction.

In conclusion, since the aim of any business is to make profit, you need to understand that this can only happen if your business is well optimized online. SEO marketing is all about improving SEO for a business as well as creating and increasing web presence. Therefore, make good use of marketing SEO and get a business web presence that you desire.

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